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SOHO Solutions

UPRQ series

1200VA & 2400VA

Long power outages have become a common occurrence in some regions in South Africa. The demand to power up 1 to 6 pc’s and/or other electronic equipment for long periods of time, lead to the birth of the UPR series. The UPR series combines UPS and Inverter technologies. It is designed to be connected to large battery banks, and has a solar input option. The key feature here is that it now also provides voltage regulation by utilizing a built-in AVR.

Sine-wise Inverter series

1000VA – 5000VA

The Sine-wise Inverter generates a true sinewave output. It designed for off-grid applications, where it is able utilize 3 power sources namely: utility power, solar and battery. The user can then prioritize the power sources in an order that suits his application best.

Uptech offers the installation of a complete inverter back-up solution for your home and office by integrating the Sine-wise Inverter, batteries and solar panels.