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About us


Uninterruptible Power Technology

Uptech was established in January 2000, and is now Pretoria’s longest trading UPS company. We supply and support a complete range of UPS systems ranging from single phase 1kVA to three phase 600kVA.  Technical services that we provide includes UPS servicing, repairs and batttery replacments.

Our three phase UPS’s which includes the robust UPDS300 series are directly imported from Europe and are supplied with a two-year onsite warranty as standard. The trusted UPDS300 is Internationally Certified: TUV, CE, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

In a data centre enviroment the reliability of the three phase UPS is crucial at all time.The purpose of the UPS is to supply a clean source of power to the critical computer equipment and in its absence the functionality of that equipment is not reliable. The UPS must be correctly sized  and some of the factors that need to taken into account include: network management, future expansion, floor space, room temperature, and maintenance. Therefore it is also our responsibility to advise our clients on various options according to their specific requirements and also to expose them to the benefits of UPS functionalities and features.

Uptech will offer you the best UPS solution to suit your specific requirements.