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Uptech was established in January 2000 and is now Pretoria's longest trading Uninterruptible Power Supply company. We recently opened a branch in Johannesburg during 2018. We supply and support a complete range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, inverters and batteries.

Our Products

The UPRQ and Sinewise series are best suited to Small Home Office enviroments.

While the UP1000, UPDS300, TS1100, and TT3300 are for small, medium and large enterprises.

Our Mission

To provide our valued clients with UPS systems that are unique to their requirements which provide continuous uninterrupted operation of all servers, computers, networks and any electronic equipment alike and to ensure that their businesses remain ON LINE ALL THE TIME and in doing so become South Africa’s preferred power solution provider.

Medium to Large Enterprise | Three-Phase UPS

UPDS300 On-Line UPS Series

UPDS300 On-Line UPS Series


The UPDS300 online UPS series was designed and engineered for the data centre, server room, multiple workstations, and  laboratories, in security, medical, ISP, telecoms, military, industrial and many other critical applications.

GP3000 On-Line UPS series

GP3000 On-Line UPS series

30kVA - 100kVA 3-3 

The GP3000 is a 3-phase galvanic-transformer based UPS which is designed to withstand unconventional types of loads such as motors, heaters, lazers and compressors found typically in the military, manufacturing, medical, print, and laboratory environments.

Medium to Large Enterprise | Single-Phase UPS

UPDS100 On-Line UPS Series

UPDS100 On-Line UPS Series

6kVA – 15kVA 1-1 phase UPS

The UPDS100 series is an advanced single phase, true online, dual conversion, digitally controlled UPS and utilises a transformerless with IGBT rectifier advanced technology. 1 Phase Input / 1 Phase Output / 6-15 kVA.

UP1000 On-Line UPS Series

UP1000 On-Line UPS Series

1kVA to 10kVA:

The UP1000 series employs high frequency on-line technology for the most critical applications. Under normal mains conditions the UPS will use the incoming mains to supply power to inverter and charge the batteries. The inverter supplies power to the load. When the utility supply is not available then, then the inverter continues operating as before but now sources power from the battery. Therefore there is no switching during power disturbances and the result is an extremely stable supply.

SOHO Solutions | Home

UPRQ Series

UPRQ Series

Long power outages have become a common occurrence in some regions in South Africa. The demand to power up 1 to 6 pc’s and/or other electronic equipment for long periods of time, lead to the birth of the UPR series. The UPR series combines UPS and Inverter technologies. 

Sine-wise Inverter Series

Sine-wise Inverter series

1000VA – 5000VA

The Sine-wise Inverter generates a true sinewave output. It designed for off-grid applications, where it is able utilize 3 power sources namely: utility power, solar and battery. The user can then prioritize the power sources in an order that suits his application best.