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UPTech DSP 3-3 series


UPTech DSP 3-3 series

The UPTech DSP 3-3 series is the new standard  in true online double conversion fully digital controlled UPS design. It is designed to meet the high availability and high power quality needs of a wide variety of critical applications, such as the Data center, Industrial, Telecoms, Military, Banking, Security and Laboratory.

Key Features

  • High efficiency
  • High Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Intelligent onboard status diagnosis of all critical parts
  • Low cost of ownership

The Uptech DSP 3-3 series employs an IGBT rectifier and inverter to achieve 93% efficiency and 0.99 power factor. This is a significant improvement over conventional UPS systems, which are are usually 70 to 85% efficient. This in turn means that the UPS consumes less energy, lowering the running costs. Secondly, the battery bank can be reduced in size to achieve, reducing costs to the end-user.

UPTECH DSP 3-3 UPS series pdf download.