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UP3000 digital online UPS series

UP3000 digital online UPS series

10kVA – 30kVA 3-3 digital online UPS

The UP3000 UPS series is designed and engineered for Server-room, Laboratory, CCTV applications, where 3-phase power is required and floor area is limited.

Batteries and electronics housed in a single cabinet for standard back-up time of 10 – 20 minutes.

Key Features:

  • True online double conversion design
  •  DSP controlled to maximize performance and reliability.
  • Wide input voltage range: Within 110 to 300Vac input , output voltage is regulated to 230Vac without transferring to battery.
  • Active power correction on all 3-phases
  • Dual AC inputs
  • Generator friendly
  • USB and RS 232 communications ports.
  • Rotary bypass switch – for maintenance purposes.


UP3000 UPS series pdf download.