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About us



Our focus is to supply excellent UPS systems and also to offer complete power solutions. Uptech was established in January 2000, as a means of utilizing vast technical experience in the UPS industry to provide a cost effective and efficient service which includes repair, service and maintenance on all makes and sizes of UPS’s and related power systems.


Michael Alhadeff founded Uptech, and with his 20 years experience in the industry, Uptech has been able to provide a good service in the repair and maintenance of uninterruptible Power Supplies.


In providing this service a demand quickly grew for Uptech to also supply UPS’s to its clients. With a huge variety UPS manufacturer abroad, we carefully selected a range of UPS’s which passed the following criteria: performance (matched according to specification), reliability and optimization of new technology to actually lower costs and at the same time provide more features. The wonder of technology is that if applied correctly you can get more for less! By applying these criteria, we have full confidence in all our UPS systems.


Uptech now successfully supplies a full range of UPS’s from 1kVA to 600 kVA .The advantage that we can offer our clients is that, with our repair facility at hand, the units we supply have been fully tested to meet the specifications that the units offer. Also, been involved intensively in the repair of UPS’s we have gained a lot of beneficial information on the causes of faults on particular units. This information gave us a firm foundation in selecting an excellent product range.


We firmly believe that the UPS is the most important component of an entire network or even single PC. The purpose of the UPS is to supply a clean source of power to the critical computer equipment and in its absence the functionality of that equipment is not reliable. For this very reason the implementation of power protection needs be carefully managed and well planned. Network management, future expansion, floor space, room temperature, and maintenance are some of the factors that must be accounted for. Therefore it is also our responsibility to advise our clients on various options according to their specific requirements and also to expose them to the benefits of UPS functionalities and features.


So what does Uptech offer you that other UPS companies cannot? There are many different types of UPS’s today all operating in certain environments. We believe in providing our valued clients with solutions tailored specifically to their requirements. Our passion is optimizing on technology and providing you with the right solution at the right price!